For a number of years I had experienced pain and stiffness in my big toe, restricting movement especially in my favourite pastime, ballroom dancing.  Enough was enough and my GP referred me to Mr Savva who diagnosed Hallux Rigidus and he performed a Cheilectomy.  The operation was a complete success; I made a full recovery and gained pain free mobility once again.  I am thrilled with the result and would recommend Mr Savva's care and expertise to anyone.


For a long time I experienced numbness and tingling of my toes on my left foot and found great difficulty in walking with the acute pain.  I was referred to Mr Savva who diagnosed Morton’s neuroma.  He performed an operation to remove it.  I did exactly what he said after the operation and I did not experience any pain whatsoever.  It has been a great success.  I would highly recommend him.
SP, Weymouth


I am a 74-year-old man and suffered a fracture of my ankle in my mid-30s. About two years ago I started to have discomfort due to the onset of arthritis. I am subject to a heart condition and was concerned about surgery and any effect the anaesthetic may have. Mr Savva took on board my concerns and arranged an appropriate anaesthetic. He provided me with a new ankle.  Within a year I was walking without pain or a stick and playing golf.
LG, Poundbury


Mr Savva operated on me for a large bunion and hammer toe which was conjoined to its neighbour. He did it all very neatly and caused me virtually no pain at all. I cannot recommend him too highly. 
TS, Blandford


My initial consultation with Mr Savva at the Winterbourne Hospital was very positive. I was kept fully informed about hip replacement surgery, possible complications, length of stay in hospital etc. Everything went as planned and I was so relieved to be kept pain free and mobile so quickly after surgery. Six months later I am back to normal and most grateful for all the excellent surgery, nursing and physiotherapy care.
MN, Dorchester


Following the delayed healing of a break in my leg in 2008, I was referred to Mr Savva who was very thorough. Although I had had the cast removed I was still on crutches unable to weight bear. I then had physiotherapy. Ten months following the initial break I had an arthroscopy and was found to have ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament and torn the cartilage. Mr Savva successfully repaired the cartilage and within a month I was off crutches and haven't had to return since my last check up in January 2010.  I cannot speak more highly than to say that I would not hesitate to visit him again should I have any more trouble or injury. Always attentive and considerate, Mr Savva is well respected.


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