Dorset Trauma and Sports
Injury Clinic

Had an accident?

Accidents happen. Perhaps you have had a fall, or injured yourself while playing sport, or maybe you have been involved in a traffic accident. If you have cracked or broken a bone, or dislocated one of your joints, you should be taken to the A&E department of your local hospital. While you are in A&E you should be given medicine to help control the pain and your injury should be stabilised to prevent it from getting any worse. You may also have an X-ray or ultrasound scan to help confirm diagnosis.

Your treatment options

While in A&E, your treatment options should be explained to you. If you are at Dorset County Hospital, you will be offered NHS surgery there. Alternatively, should you wish to be treated privately, you may opt for specialist private care at Winterbourne Hospital in Dorchester, according to your clinical requirements.

Benefits of Dorset Sports Injury
and Trauma Clinic

Our skilled and experienced surgeons head a team of caring professionals, dedicated to your needs. In addition to nursing staff and 24-hour a day resident medical officers, this includes a co-ordinated rehabilitation team of physiotherapists, chiropractors and orthotists.

As a private patient in our Winterbourne Hospital clinic, you will enjoy a personal, quality service in the privacy and comfort of your own en-suite room, complete with TV and telephone. All of the treatment you need may be carried out there including X-ray, surgery, plaster-casting, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy support.

Transferring to the Dorset Trauma
and Sports Injury Clinic

Should you wish to be transferred to our clinic, you will need to discuss this with your insurance provider to confirm your level of cover and if appropriate, a private ambulance can be arranged to take you to Winterbourne Hospital. Alternatively, if you are a self-pay patient, simply let the nursing or reception staff know that you would prefer private health care and they will organise your transfer and paperwork for you.