I've been a patient of Mr Fernandez on and off (!) for at least 10 years. In that time he has undertaken 2 lots of keyhole surgery on my knees and shoulders, successfully replaced both my knees, one hip and 5 days ago, the other hip.

I would not go to another orthopaedic surgeon. I know I am in safe hands with Nick. I have not experienced any complications with any of the operations, quite a feat considering the number I have had! Aftercare has been great and very importantly I know that I can talk to him and he always listens. I highly recommend him.


Having reached the point where my knee was giving me serious pain, I had myself referred to Mr N Fernandez, as he performed an earlier operation on my knee that went very well.  Mr Fernandez informed me of a new technology for knee replacement that involved taking all measurements required to ensure an excellent fit of a new knee joint, using MRI scanning and the making of templates that help with accuracy in the operation procedure. I opted for the new treatment and found that the operation, recovery and after treatment were all that Mr Fernandez described to me and I couldn't be more satisfied.


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